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Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate
$1.00 ~ $500.00 incl. tax
In Stock
1000 pcs

Have someone that you care about but don't know what to get them for their birthday, anniversary, valentines, just to say thank you, to show your appreciation, a date, graduation etc. Well here is how you can never go wrong with our Gift Certificate from Sigh Star, our exquisite designs and high quality it's the perfect touch for any present. What girl does not like to look great? and the best part about it is that will never expire how great is that.

Gift certificates are a great idea!

Gift certificates are good for as long as you can temped yourself not to expend it here at Sigh Star. Our exclusive Gift Certificates don't have an expatriation date so you could always come back and don't feel pressure that you have to expend it just because it's about to expire, unlike other stores Sigh Star is always thinking about you and how we could serve you better so take your time and use it whenever you want.

Is the perfect gift for any occasion. 

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