About Us

Sigh Star is a professional beauty brand held by Sigh Star Corp, we Distribute and Manufacture nail art decals, with a strong technical force and perfect sales service system. We strive on giving an excellent customer service to every customer no matter how small or big your Business is, we're here for you.

Our high quality product and resolution in our art is what makes our colors so bright, lines graceful, and most important of all; it is safe for the environment.

 We believe in service which is why our products are so easy to operate. Meanwhile, consumers can deal with the contradictions between time, space, and beauty (it is so easy); so more of our Entrepreneurs and Novice have the opportunity to enter the nail salon business or just for personal use.

Whichever your goal is you're going to be able to achieve it.

And that's our satisfaction! . . . . . . To achieve YOURS!